Grants for Individuals and Clubs

The District Sports Council is responsible for allocating and distributing funds made available by the Borough Council either to individuals or to sports clubs. A total of £8,865 was paid out in the year ended March 2019. £3,440 was given to seven clubs to help with new equipment and/or improvements to facilities, whilst £5,425 was awarded to 16 individuals from, athletics, cycling, diving, pentathlon & triathlon, fencing, taekwondo, sailing, swimming and trampolining


Individuals (with emphasis on the young) who are resident in the Borough (or belong to a sports club affiliated to the District Sports Council) and have reached a level higher than club level (or who, in the opinion of suitably qualified referees, may be expected so to do) may apply for grants to help towards the costs of special equipment, extra coaching, travelling or other costs associated with improving their performance. Grants do not normally exceed £250.

Link to form: Grants for individuals


The District Sports Council may apply for grants towards the cost of improving their facilities, for equipment to extend the range of services offered (especially to the disabled) and to organise local tournaments to keep down the cost of entry (particularly, but not specifically, for youth participation). Grants do not normally exceed £400.

Link to form: Grants for clubs