Grants - No longer available via the District Sports Council

The role of the District Sports Council is changing. Reigate & Banstead Borough Council have cut the funding allocation that has previously been distributed via the District Sports Council. Going forward, the borough council will be distributing funds only where the recipients have been means tested and where return on the funding can be demonstrated in terms of measurable, increased participation in sports. This is a sad & abrupt end to a 30 year history of distributing funds via the sports council to sports clubs and budding sports men & women within the borough. However, the new approach is to be commended in its aims to target those most in need within the borough. The District Sports Council will be changing its role, from primarily a distributor of funds for the borough council, to become the representative body for the local sports clubs (through which the vast majority of sports are delivered) and will provide a conduit for communicating the needs & challenges of these vital & largely volunteer run organisations to the borough council.